Some of the deals require collection of PMR data. Please refer to the Brand Support calculator for more details and for a list of approved PMR systems. Please remember for all Numark Brand Support deals, the following applies (excluding Bayer Canesten lines):

1. You dispense the approved brand for all prescriptions (both generic and branded prescriptions).

2. You then purchase all supplies of the approved brands from a Numark wholesaler.

3. Products purchased and dispensed are calculated and a rebate generated. For any Brand Support deal that you have used and have been compliant, you will receive your rebate from Numark two months in arrears e.g. dispense and purchase in January, we will process in February and pay you via your March rebate statement.

4. Supplies should be ordered according to the amount you will dispense on a monthly basis. As Numark offer competitive prices every month there should be no need for stock piling. All purchases are monitored and in situations where excessive amounts are found, and not justified, they will be investigated.

5. Numark reserves the right to refer to PMR data where available to validate rebate claims. Members' attention is drawn to their Membership Agreement with respect to wholesale dealing on Numark negotiated programmes. Numark reserves the right to withhold any rebate payment to members where they believe wholesale dealing has occurred contrary to the Membership Agreement.

Furthermore, Numark reserve the right to suspend any rebate programme in the light of altering market or licensing conditions.