To prepare and support health care professionals  deliver the COVID-19 vaccination programme, the NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) have released documentation for pharmacy contractors.  These documents may be of interest to pharmacy contractors who are looking to participating in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

NHSE&I Coronavirus Publications 

See links below for additional guidance to support delivery of an NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme

NHS Enhanced Service Specification 

Community Pharmacy COVID-19 site designation process

The Green Book: Chapter 14a COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccination guidance for healthcare practitioners

For pharmacies and pharmacy staff that are designated to provide the COVID-19 vaccine or volunteer to assist in delivering the COVID-19 vaccine to support the local workforce, staff must complete the following training:

COVID-19 vaccination e-learning programme

Community pharmacies may be called upon to assist in the COVID-19 vaccination programme, however, initially it may not be as the traditional vaccination programme due to the complexity of mass rollout and the storage requirements of some of the initial vaccines.

Currently, there are two roles in which contractors could play a part in the vaccination programme:

  • Working with GP in their local PCN (Primary Care Network) or a neighbouring one to support a vaccinartion site, where contractors can provide staff to support this PCN-led vaccination programme.
  • The contractors provides a COVID-19 vaccination programme as part of the Local Enhanced Service, because there currently is no existing service within the area or additional provision is required for mass vaccine rollout.  Ensure all the documents are read, where contractors believe a site can be provided for the service, they may provide an expression of interest, see designation process above.

Numark Resources

COVID-19 booster vaccination programme


The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is constantly changing and we will update as soon as information becomes available.