1. As part of the process of the trainee registering with the GPhC to do their  training they must complete a learning contract. This contract requires a signature from the trainee and tutor.

2. Once the trainee application has been processed the GPhC will send you an introductory letter, which evidences that the trainee is registered with them as training at your premises with start and finish dates.

3. Take two copies of the training log and give the original back to the trainee.

4. Retain one copy and send one to the NHSE Area Team with a claim form from the PSNC website.

If you are unsure who your NHSE Area Team is please contact your LPC and they will be able to tell you.

5. The NHSE Area Team will notify NHSBSA PPD.

Once they are notified you will be paid monthly 1/12th of the training grant as detailed in the Drug Tariff (currently £18,440 pa) and you will see this payment with your schedule of payments.