Q. I have received a prescription for ‘Artificial saliva protective spray DPF’. What is this and where can I order it?

A. ‘Artificial saliva protective spray DPF’ is the generic description as listed in the England and Wales Drug tariff under Part XVIIA – Dental Prescribing (Dental Practitioner’s Formulary).

According to the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices the only product that matches this description is ‘Aequasyal protective mouth spray’

This product is listed in Part IXA – Appliances under ‘Dry mouth products -Saliva replacement and stimulating products’.

Prescriptions written generically or as the Aequasyal brand will be reimbursed.

This product was previously known as Aquaoral spray. Some PMR systems still list the ‘artificial saliva protective spray’ as Aquaoral spray.

We have been informed that this brand is no longer available and has been replaced by Aequasyal. The distribution rights have been transferred to Bluechip Healthcare Marketing Ltd.

The product can be ordered from AAH.

Further information is available from Bluechip on 0207 4095156.

England & Wales Drug Tariff

Appliances Part IXA

Aequasyal  protective mouth spray 

XVIIA Dental Prescribing 

Artificial Saliva Protective Spray DPF 

Scotland Drug Tariff

Part 3

Aequasyal protective mouth Spray

Part 8 A

Artificial Saliva Protective Spray

Northern Ireland Drug Tariff

Part 3 List of Appliances

Aequasyal protective mouth Spray

Part IX (a) Dental

Artificial Saliva Protective Spray