Q: I have received a prescription for Build-up Soup® 49g x 4 sachets. No wholesalers seem to have it in stock, is there a supply issue?

A: The Build-up range is no longer manufactured by NestleHealthScience. They have replaced it with a new product called Meritene Energis.

 The product is not a direct equivalent, there are differences in nutritional content. Prescriptions for Build-Up (NestleHealthScience) will need to be re-written.

Meritene Energis is designed to meet the needs of ‘seniors’. Nestle have advised that by ‘seniors’ they mean adults over 60 years of age.

Meritene Energis is suitable for vegetarians but it is not halal or kosher registered. It is available in assorted flavours; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Meritene Energis is classed as a nutritional supplement and so does not need to be listed in the Drug Tariff to be prescribed. It is not blacklisted and therefore it is allowed on NHS prescription.

Find out more information on Meritene Energis.

For more information on food substances on prescription please see our CPD article ‘Understanding the Drug Tariff’.

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