Tariff Tip :Colecalciferol

Q. Is there a colecalciferol oral solution that’s allowed on an FP10?

A. Yes, there are plenty of colecalciferol solutions that are allowed on prescription.

Colecalciferol is available as both a licensed medicine and also a nutritional supplement. A licensed product should always be supplied where there is one available. Provided the item is not blacklisted it is allowed on prescription.

The product chosen will be determined by the license status and also the quantity prescribed. Suitable options are shown in the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d)

Colecalciferol is used therapeutically for the treatment or prevention of vitamin D deficiency, and also as an adjunctive therapy for osteoporosis.

Vitamin D is essential for the absorption and use of calcium and phosphate in the maintenance of a healthy skeleton. Vitamin D deficiency results from inadequate exposure of the skin to the sun or dietary deficiency.

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