Tariff Tip :Doublebase Gel

Q: I have a prescription for ‘Doublebase Gel 1x 500g’. I do not have the 500g pump pack in stock but I do have 100g tubes in stock, will I be paid for supplying 5 tubes?

A: The answer depends on whether the prescriber has specified a pack size, so you must take care at the point of dispensing to avoid being out of pocket.

Doublebase gel is listed in Part 8A of the drug tariff with two different pack sizes, the 500g and 100g.

Reimbursement will be based on what the prescriber has ordered rather than what has been dispensed.

In this example the prescriber has specified the 500g pack size by stating '1 x 500g'

Another way the prescriber could specify the pack size would be '500g pump pack' or similar wording.

The pharmacy will only be reimbursed for the 500g pump pack at £5.83, even if the prescription is endorsed with 5 x100g. The prescription would need to be amended to allow you to dispense 100g tubes.

If it was written as ‘Doublebase gel 500g’, where the pack size is not specified, you could use either pack size to fulfil the prescription. You must endorse the pack size used to ensure payment.


The 100g tubes are reimbursed at £2.65 so 5 tubes = £13.25, giving a potential to be £7.42 out of pocket.

Drug Tariff Listing Pack size Price Based on
Isopropyl myristate 15% / Liquid paraffin 15% gel 500g ◼ £5.83 Doublebase gel
Isopropyl myristate 15% / Liquid paraffin 15% gel 100g ◼ £2.65 Doublebase gel

◼ Special container

This applies to England and Wales and Northern Ireland Tariffs.

There is no listing in the Scotland tariff so reimbursement is based on the pharmacy endorsement.

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