Q: Is there a lubricating eye drop that is suitable for contact lens wearers and available on FP10?

A: Yes, there are a number of products which the manufacturers confirm as suitable for contact lens wearers. Wearing contact lenses regularly can lead to symptoms of dry and irritated eyes.

Alternatively, patients with dry eye symptoms may wish to wear contact lenses rather than glasses. Lubricating eye drops help relieve symptoms of dry eye by restoring the tear-film and providing a protective layer over the eye.

Most eye drops are classed as medical devices. In order to be prescribed they must be listed in the Appliances section of the Drug Tariff.

Drops that are listed in the tariffs and are said to be suitable for use with contact lenses:

  England & Wales Drug Tariff (Part IXA) Scotland Drug Tariff (Part 3) N.I. Drug Tariff (Part 3)
Lumecare Preservative Free Tear Drops (30 vials) Yes Yes Yes
Hydromoor (30 x 0.4ml single dose unit) Yes Yes Yes
Systane Drops 10ml Yes Yes Yes
Optive Eye Drops 10ml Yes Yes Yes

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