Tariff Tip : Hypodermic syringes on prescription

Q: I have a prescription for a 10ml Hypodermic syringe, my technician cannot find them in the Drug Tariff, can I dispense them?

A: No, you will not be reimbursed for dispensing this prescription for the following reason.

Hypodermic syringes are classed as a medical device. It will either have a  mark on the syringe itself or on its packet. In order for a medical device to be prescribed on the NHS it must be listed in the appliances sections of the Drug Tariff.

As it stands the only hypodermic syringes that are listed in the drug tariff, and can therefore be prescribed, are the U100 insulin syringes. These come in three sizes which are 0.3ml, 0.5ml and 1.0ml. You will not be reimbursed for any other size.

  mark needs to be on a medical device so that it can be marketed in Europe, the mark is applied by the manufacturer themselves. It means that the device has met the required safety standards governed by the MHRA

This TariffTip applies to England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

For more information on Appliances and the Drug Tariff please see our CPD module ‘’Understanding the Drug Tariff’’.

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