Tariff Tip : Identity checks for CD prescriptions

Q. Is it a legal requirement to request proof of identity when supplying a CD prescription?

A. It is a legal requirement for pharmacists to determine whether the person collecting a schedule 2 controlled drug is the patient, their representative or a healthcare professional.

If the person collecting is the patient or their representative it is best practice to ask for proof of identity unless that person is known to the pharmacist. It is at the pharmacist’s discretion whether to ask for proof of identity and whether to supply the CD in the absence of proof.

If the person collecting is a healthcare professional then it is a legal requirement to obtain the name and address of that person and to ask them for proof of identity (unless they are known to the pharmacist). It is not a legal requirement for that person to provide proof of identity and the pharmacist should use their discretion as to whether to make the supply in the absence of proof.

These requirements apply only to schedule 2 CDs.

It is best practice to ask the person collecting the CD to sign the back of the prescription to confirm receipt. See our previous tariff tip for more detail: Signing CD prescriptions.

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