Q. I have a prescription for ‘Night bag hanger x 1’- can I dispense it?

A. No this item is not prescribable on the NHS.

Bag stands or hangers are used to hang night drainage bags for the collection of urine. They are considered a nursing aid.

Night-drainage bags are found in the England and Wales tariff under Part IXB Incontinence Appliances, where the following statement is made:

“These bags are suitable for night-time use for the collection of urine from indwelling catheters or incontinence sheaths. They are generally used in conjunction with a bag hanger which, being a nursing aid, is not prescribable. Supply arrangements for bag hangers tend to vary throughout the country but they are normally supplied through the community nursing service.”

The same wording is found in Part 5 of the Scotland tariff.

Although no similar wording is apparent in the Northern Ireland tariff, the same principle is assumed to apply.