Q: I have received a prescription for both Pregabalin 150mg capsules and Lyrica 150mg capsules. How many charges should the patient pay?

A: It is unusual to have a prescription requesting the same drug as both brand and generic. In this instance both items have the same form type and strength.

There would be only one patient charge as both prescribed items are the same generic drug with the same form. The pricing authority does not differentiate between the generic name and brand where they are both the same generic product. 

Example of items on script:

Pregabalin 150mg Capsules 56
Lyrica 150mg Capsules 56

This principal would be equally applicable to any prescription that requests the same drug in the same form as both a brand and generic on the same prescription.

We would recommend that pharmacists always confirm with the prescriber that it was their intention to prescribe the same drug as two different items on a single prescription.

The pharmacy contractor could claim two professional fees for dispensing this prescription.

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