Q: I have a prescription for ‘Pregnacare capsules 30’ - are they allowed on prescription?

A: Pregnacare capsules are not allowed on an NHS prescription as they are named in the blacklist sections of the Drug Tariffs.

However, Pregnacare tablets are not blacklisted and so they are allowed on an NHS prescription. Prescriptions written for capsules must be returned to the prescriber for amendment prior to dispensing.

Prescriptions for tablets must be endorsed with manufacturer, pack size and price.

UK Drug Tariff Black List SectionsDrug Tariff Blacklisted ItemAllowed ItemManufacturer & pack SizePack size/PIP Code
England &Wales
Pregnacare Capsules  Pregnacare Tablets  Vitabiotics Ltd
30 tablet (2 x 15 tablets)
90 tablet (6 x 15 tablets)
30 tablets
90 tablets
Schedule 1
Pregnacare Capsules Pregnacare Tablets  
Northern Ireland
Part XI (A)
Pregnacare Capsules Pregnacare Tablets

This Tariff Tip covers all UK Tariffs.

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