Q. I have an NHS prescription for Regaine 5% foam. Can this be supplied on prescription?

A. No, Regaine is listed in Part XVIIIA (the blacklist) of the England and Wales Drug Tariff and consequently cannot be supplied on an NHS prescription.

However, if the prescription was amended to read “Minoxidil 5% foam” then Regaine foam could be supplied. This is because as of  1st May 2019 Minoxidil 5% foam has been added to Part VIIIA of the England & Wales Tariff, Northern Ireland Tariff. The Scottish Tariff has not been published at time of writing


Therefore the blacklisted brand can be dispensed provided the prescription is written generically as Minoxidil 5% Foam.

Regaine for Men Extra Strength 5% scalp foam and Regaine for Women Once a Day 5% scalp foam both meet the generic description Minoxidil 5% foam. This means that a licensed product could be supplied to both male and female patients.

This Tariff Tip applies to all UK areas 

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