Q: I have a prescription for Sorbion sachet border 10cm x 10cm.  I have dispensed this before but my PMR is saying it is “blacklisted”.  Can I still dispense it?

A:  The Sorbion Sachet border dressing has had the name changed to Cutimed Sorbion Sachet border. The full range of Sorbion name changes can be seen on pages 272 and 275 of the English and Wales Drug Tariff.

The drug tariff in England and Wales list the dressing as Cutimed Sorbion Sachet Border (formerly Sorbion sachet border). The pharmacy contractor will be paid for the prescription as the former name is listed along the new name in the Tariff.

However, in the April Scottish Drug Tariff the dressing is only listed as Cutimed Sorbion Sachet. Therefore, the above prescription will not be reimbursed.

This Tariff Tip does not apply to Northern Ireland

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