Q. Antepsin 1g tablets are currently out of stock but the prescriber is aware that there is an imported unlicensed version available.  Will I be reimbursed correctly for the imported product?

A. There are occasions when a branded proprietary medicine is unavailable or in short supply in the UK. This might be due to manufacturing issues or discontinuation. 

In most cases, the DoH is aware of such issues and would normally react by including this in the Price concession and NCSO process.

However, there are a few instances where there is no UK licensed alternative available. In this case the prescriber must write the prescription generically and annotate “unlicensed version”.

For example Antepsin 1g tablets are not available in the UK at present. An alternative is available as an unlicensed import. In order to ensure you can source the product, the prescriber would have to specify: ‘sucralfate 1g tablets unlicensed version’.

The pharmacist can then order this from the specials supplier or importer and endorse the prescription as required for supplying a special.

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