Q: Is there a waterproof protector for a plaster cast on the arm that is allowed on NHS prescription?

A: This depends where on the arm the cast is situated.

All Drug Tariffs list a Limbo Adult Elbow MP65 and MP75 which cover the elbow part of the arm only. The product provides a seal approximately 10cm above and 10cm below the elbow. A protector for any other part of the arm would have to be purchased.

Cast protectors are used to keep plaster casts dry when showering or bathing.

Protectors for adult legs are also listed in the tariffs.

Cast Protectors that are listed in the tariff are shown in the table below. They are found in the following sections of the Tariff:

  • England and Wales Tariff - Part IXA Appliances
  • Scotland Tarif - Part 2 Dressings
  • Northern Ireland Tariff - Part III Appliances

Listing in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Tariffs

Limbo        Adult Elbow MP65 Slim to medium
Adult Elbow MP75 Medium to large
Adult half leg MP76 Slim build
Adult half leg MP76s Slim build short leg
Normal build leg MP80 Normal build
Normal build leg MP80s Normal build shortleg
Large build leg MP180 Large build leg
Large build leg MP180 Large build short leg
Seal-Tight wound care Leg   Adult foot/ankle CV27105 Adult foot/ankle
Adult short leg CV27103 Adult short leg
Adult wide short leg CV27106 Adult wide short leg

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