Member benefits listing

  • Private Services

    We offer a wealth of information to support our members deliver private services.

  • NHS Services

    We offer a wealth of information to support our members deliver NHS services.

  • IT Solutions

    Numark offers a range of IT solutions suitable for your pharmacy business to help maximise your potential revenue.

  • Numark Assist Connect

    We have improved Numark Assist Connect to meet your on-going needs – our comprehensive dispensary management system is powered by ProScript Connect.

  • PharmAssist

    PharmAssist is the electronic buying solution that offers you control, compliance and drives profitability for your purchasing - saving you time and money.

  • Prescription Purchasing

    Find out how to increase your pharmacy's profitability with our generics, brand support, and DTP discounts to ensure you're making the most of being a Numark member. 

  • OTC

    Retail is vital to any fully functioning pharmacy. Your retail space is the showcase of your entire service and has a huge impact on your customers.

  • Advice & Guidance

    Tips and tricks to help you build your pharmacy into a strong, valuable asset of your local community, from optimizing the internet to inspirational case studies. It's all here.

  • Numark Own Brand Products

    Increase sales, profits and customer loyalty by choosing the Numark own brand range, offering over 200 pharmacy focused products exclusive to you, our member.

  • Training

    We’re offering members a wide range of training materials and learning recourses for you to ensure that your pharmacy has the support to run as smoothly and safely as possible.

  • Pharmacy Services

    Information and resources for a range of private, NHS and vaccination services, including specific standard operating procedures (SOPs), templates and useful websites.

  • Hey Pharmacist...

    Allowing patients to easily order and collect their NHS repeat prescription all whilst maintaining the sense of community in your pharmacy. Build a strong collection of patients with Hey Pharmacist now.

  • Golden Tote

    Embrace digital solutions and experience the safety, strength, and simplicity of our efficient Golden Tote dispensing service. Change your pharmacy for the better by signing up today!

  • Enhanced Discount Scheme (Central Invoicing)

    Enhanced Discounts is a Numark scheme that provides members with access to over 40 approved suppliers that have been reviewed and vetted by Numark, offering you discounts on a range of products and services to support the everyday running of your business.