French Guiana


The vaccines below are recommended for travellers to this country depending on their individual level of risk. Extended or frequent travel, travel to remote areas and patients visiting friends or relatives are examples of additional risk factors.

Use the risk assessment consultation to determine risk level.

Risk level Vaccines required
All travellers Tetanus
Sometimes advised for high risk Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Highest risk Tuberculosis
Yellow Fever Yes - a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for all travellers aged 1 year or over.

Check travel vaccine schedules.

Visit Fit for Travel website for non-vaccine preventable diseases prevalent in area


The information below identifies the risk of malaria and recommended prophylaxis regimens for different geographical regions within this country. View the malaria map to identify localities within risk areas.

Areas of risk Level of risk Recommended regimen Seasonal risk Drug resistance
Municipalities of Campori, Saint Georges and Regina bordering Brazil and along major rivers. HIGH RISK MAL/DOX/MEF ALL CHLOR
All other areas not mentioned in high risk or low risk LOW RISK ADDITIONAL* AVOIDANCE OR MAL/DOX/MEF* ALL CHLOR
Cayenne (capital city), Iracoubo, Kourou, Montsinery, Tonnegrande, Ouanary, Saite-Elie and Sinnamary LOW/NO RISK AVOIDANCE ALL CHLOR

Visit Fit for Travel website for more information and malaria maps

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