Whistle blowing policy

As part of clinical governance regulations pharmacies need to have a policy in place to guide staff who may have concerns over patient safety, malpractice or the public interest.

It is important that pharmacy staff know they have the right and the duty to voice any concerns.

Raising concerns in this way has been termed ‘whistleblowing' and staff must be confident that they will be protected from victimisation if they speak up.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) gives employees the protection of the law and a company's whistleblowing policy acknowledges that there will be no reprisals for staff if they raise valid concerns.

Numark have produced a template whistleblowing policy. You should implement this in your pharmacy by:

  • Reading the policy carefully, making sure you understand the implications and what may be required of you.
  • Making any additions or amendments you feel are necessary with regards the whistleblowing process in your company.
  • Providing a copy of the policy for each member of staff.
  • Explaining the principles of whistleblowing and the key points of the policy.
  • Providing an opportunity for staff to ask questions about the policy and whistleblowing in general.

You can also access the following guidance documents: