Nilesh Popat is the Director of Botolph Bridge Pharmacy, a store which dispenses an average of 10,300 items per month and had Golden Tote implemented in February 2021. The Numark team have supported Botolph Bridge with recommendations regarding Golden Tote, stock reduction and storage units to allow the pharmacy to maximise its potential and reap all of the benefits of Golden Tote.

Before turning to Numark, Nilesh and his team were experiencing issues around stock organisation, and Nilesh acknowledged those issues needed to be addressed in order for the pharmacy to flourish. “We were overstocked. The stock wasn’t organised in the way in which we would have liked it to have been and the training and staffing levels were something which we were looking to address as well. Those were the two main issues we were uncomfortable with”.

Nilesh has so far been extremely impressed with the way in which Numark has transformed the store as a whole, and the success has resulted in him looking to the future for potential ways to maximise the benefits further: “We are already looking at carrying out the same exercise in our other branch, and we are awaiting the outputs from the initial consultation first and foremost. We have also taken the recommendations onto the OTC side from the dispensary, as there has been a marked difference in our store in that we have opened up a significant amount of floor space. We have taken out a whole load of stock and our takings are rising now because of it”.

“Would I recommend Numark to other pharmacies? No. I wouldn’t want them to have the advantage that I’ve got!”

“Numark has allowed us to have a fresh pair of eyes to look at, review and advise on potential changes within the pharmacy, based on the way in which the organisation already runs. Adam James and the rest of the team were excellent, very friendly and cooperative. Having looked at the before and after pictures it is clear to see that the stock levels have gone down, and as a result the staffing and training issues which I discussed earlier have been addressed and a review is underway”.

When asked whether or not he would recommend Numark to other pharmacies, Nilesh provided a tongue in cheek response: “I wouldn’t want them to have the advantage that I’ve got!”

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