Hey Pharmacist... Everyone's A Winner!


This month, we’re giving some examples of how Hey Pharmacist benefits patients and pharmacists alike. Ensuring the coming winter’s months are a success, and your pharmacy runs smoother than ever before.


1. You're able to keep patients updated on the status of their order.


How this benefits you... How this benefits patients... 


Before Hey Pharmacist, a lot of a pharmacist’s time is spent answering phone calls, many of which are patients chasing up about the order status of their medication. Now, thanks to the Hey Pharmacist Portal, you’re able to keep your patients up to date with a click of a button. Freeing up time for you to focus on in-store duties, and receiving less phone calls so you can spend more time with customers visiting your pharmacy.


We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier, and the less we need to talk on the phone, the better! By registering with Hey Pharmacist, patients no longer have to put the time aside to make a call about their prescription. Instead, by simply checking the app, they’re kept updated from start to finish.



2. Your local patients can collect their medication at a time convenient for them.


How this benefits you... How this benefits patients... 


When designing Hey Pharmacist, we knew one of the problems with other online repeat prescription apps was the potential of reducing the number of customers visiting their pharmacy, which in turn could make an impact on sales of OTC products and overall face to face interaction which is incredibly valuable in healthcare. To ensure we didn’t fall into this trap, and maintain the community feel that you value, we promote to option of collecting medication in store.


Not everyone wants to stay at home. Patients may have questions that they need to ask a healthcare professional such as yourself. Collecting their medication in store is a great opportunity for this. It’s also a convenient time for them to pick up anything else they may need from your pharmacy, such as your range of OTC products.



3. Patients can have their medication delivered from your pharmacy directly to their door for free.


How this benefits you... How this benefits patients... 


People love to be given options to make things easier, so being able to choose between collection and delivery shows that your pharmacy is convenient and flexible. Bonus points to you! Impressing customers with your flexibility increases the chance of more nominations and loyal patients.


Not all of your patients find it easy to access a pharmacy, so having your pharmacy come to them is highly convenient, especially with it being free. Although we want to promote collection, having the option of free delivery ensures no patient is left out of the Hey Pharmacist experience.

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4. Hey Pharmacist allows 5 patients' medication to be managed under one account.


How this benefits you... How this benefits patients... 


It’s simple: 5 more profiles; 5 more loyal patients!


There are a lot of people who have to care for others. That’s a lot of responsibility – and a major part of that is making sure their medication is taken care of. To help make their life easier, Hey Pharmacist allows users to add up to five profiles to one account, making is super easy to switch between prescriptions. Thanks to our live updates, they’re kept up to date every step of the way without calling.



5. Customers with children can manage their repeat prescriptions for under 16's via Hey Pharmacist.


How this benefits you... How this benefits patients... 


The recent addition of the under 16’s feature is certain to attract families. With the entire family becoming returning patients, your pharmacy will be their joint place of support for all things healthcare.


Like those responsible for other people’s medication, parents and carers will really benefit from having the ability to keep up to date with their children’s medication without having to balance it with everything else involved in parenthood.



6. Patients can book their flu jab from your pharmacy via the website.


How this benefits you... How this benefits patients... 


Similar to repeat prescriptions, your pharmacy may experience a higher level of calls in the coming months regarding flu jabs. We’ve recently partnered with Has Heath to bring you Hey Pharmacist Services, which you can access via the Portal. With service bookings also going digital, you’ll have more time on your hands than ever before.


The rollout of Hey Pharmacist Services allows patients to book their flu jab via the Hey Pharmacist website – www. heypharmacist.co.uk, giving them an easy alternative to booking without having to call up.

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