Golden Tote

Creating and maximising space with Golden Tote

Exclusive to our Numark members, Golden Tote is a semi-automated dispensing system which is evolving the way in which pharmacists across the country are carrying out their repeat dispensing processes. The ‘Golden Evolution’ is a new marketing campaign aimed towards improving efficiency and accuracy through digital integration, and signals the beginning of a movement which could transform the way all pharmacies operate in the future.

This month we are looking at space, and addressing any concerns regarding how Golden Tote can seamlessly fit within a pharmacy. Golden Tote itself is significantly easier to manage than you may think, and in actual fact doesn’t require a of shelf space in order to function at its full capacity.

Reducing stock is a great way to prepare yourself for the arrival of Golden Tote, which is significantly easier to manage once implemented as the system itself is designed to minimise unnecessary stock levels and create space within the pharmacy store. Facilitating Golden Tote simply requires approximately 3-4 levels of shelf space above the PMR, and the overall footprint is very small as operating the PMR doesn’t require movement around the pharmacy as they might have previously.

It is also essential to have at least two PMR systems in order to reap the benefits of Golden Tote, one at the front of the dispensary and one at the back to house Golden Tote.

The amount of stock that can be saved within a pharmacy can be discovered through a discussion with a store’s pharmacy development manager, where the amount of stock reduction can be estimated by implementing Golden Tote based on percentage usage. Tote’s which come in don’t need to be unpacked until they are ready to dispense, which has been found to reduce overall stock by around 45% and helped to save approximately 40 staff hours each week.

Providing you begin the process of stock reduction prior to the implementation of the system, the process of creating space as Golden Tote moves through is extremely easy and can save an incredible amount of time in the long run, particularly if a stock take is carried out first. Golden Tote will create space on the shelves but without a pre-emptive stock take there is no way of quantifying what that has meant for the business. It might also be of benefit to carry out stock takes after three months and six months whilst you get used to Golden Tote because decreases will still be palpable throughout that period.

Pharmacies of any size can benefit from Golden Tote

Golden Tote is the key to growing and expanding your business without increasing the number of staff. This is particularly useful in the case of smaller pharmacies where the staff are extremely busy but there is limited room to expand, as it affords the pharmacy more space and time to grow more naturally.

Golden Tote isn’t hub and spoke, it is an amazing semi-automated version of hub and spoke with which you can control every element of the process.

Pharmacies all across the country are enjoying the advantages and the helping hand that Golden Tote is providing them within their dispensary.

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