Hey Pharmacist… What’s next?


We have seen some incredible results for Hey Pharmacist since the launch of our TV ad campaign in May as more and more people across the country discover that Hey Pharmacist really is the app of choice for community pharmacy. So, if you’re not sure if Hey Pharmacist is right for your pharmacy, the figures below don’t lie:

  • View all prescriptions

    67% increase on people going on to download the app or register via the web

  • family ordering

    Our active user base has grown by 30%

  • order summary

    During the launch week we saw an increase of 94% of people registering with the service

  • quick ordering

    38% more item being ordered through the service post TV

Analysis based on performance week ending  17th April compared to WE 10th July​​​​​​​

What’s next?

You may be thinking, how can we make Hey Pharmacist even better? Well, we have no intention of slowing down! There are a lot of exciting plans and ideas that we’re very much looking forward to getting under development as soon as possible so that you, our members, can experience Hey Pharmacist to the max!

Upcoming services feature

We know that your pharmacy is more than just a pick-up station for patients to get their medication from; it’s also a place of knowledge and support, so we want to promote that! That’s why we are starting the process of enabling a feature that allows your patients to book a service with your pharmacy through the app, allowing them to schedule appointments digitally rather than phoning up or making trip at a time when the service they need may be unavailable.

A service feature is exactly what we need to continue helping community pharmacy enter the digital age without making face to face interaction redundant – if anything, it’s promoting the importance of human interaction more than ever before, as well as helping your pharmacy run more efficiently, which is always a bonus!

Learn more about pharmacy services

Under 16s

We want to make sure Hey Pharmacist is as accessible to as many people as possible, because we know that there’s no one type of person who requires a repeat prescription. Not only this, but the more people we make our service available to, the more potential loyal patients you’ll gain. That’s why we have been working on an “under 16s” feature, which allows parents and carers to manage their children’s medication on their app, so that they have the reassurance that their child’s medication is taken care of, and they can get back to spending quality time with them.


At this moment in time, Hey Pharmacist offers patients the ability to order their NHS repeat prescription medication from your pharmacy. But we know that repeat prescriptions aren’t the only form of medication you deal with. OTC products are often in very high demand, from sun care products, to paracetamol, they’re just as important as prescribed medication at protecting your patients throughout the year.

So, to make everyone’s lives easier, we’re planning to give you the ability to offer OTC products to your patients through Hey Pharmacist, increasing efficiency, and saving both you and your patient’s valuable time. Watch this space!

Learn more about OTC

Hey Pharmacist website

The Hey Pharmacist TV ads have been an incredible success, but without anywhere for the audience to learn more about our service, we could miss out on potential patients! That’s why we’ve been working hard to build the official Hey Pharmacist website into a hub for your potential patients to find out more about the service, increasing our online presence, and to give patients that extra push to downloading the app and lock your pharmacy in place. Be sure to keep checking in and discover all of the exciting content that is to come!

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