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You asked, we delivered. Now you can too!
Hey Pharmacist Home Delivery

As Hey Pharmacist continues to evolve, we’re looking for ways to make it more and more accessible to both pharmacies and patients alike. Back in May, we shared with you the development of our home delivery feature that many of you had requested as an addition to in-store collection. Since then, we’ve been keeping you updated on the continual growth of this feature. This month, with home delivery now fully available for you to enable in your store, we’re going to be homing in on the feature some more, and giving some examples of how your pharmacy could benefit from including it for your patients.

What is home delivery?

Hey Pharmacist was designed with your pharmacy in mind. Our mission is to make sure that we’re driving as many customers to nominating your pharmacy as was can. To do that, we need to make the service as accessible to as many patients as possible, that’s why we’ve been working on the home delivery feature, which allows patients to order their medication from your pharmacy and have it delivered directly to their door for free.

We’re always listening to feedback from our members, and we’re always looking to improve our service so that your store can wear the Hey Pharmacist brand with pride. The ability to enable home delivery from your pharmacy is something that many of you have asked for – so we delivered – no pun intended!

What about collection?

Although having a home delivery feature is something everyone can benefit from, the importance of collection in-store is something that cannot be forgotten. We’ll continue to promote collection as the recommended option to drive patients into your store to maintain the face to face interaction. One of the problems with other online pharmacies out there is they exclusively provide home delivery and neglect the idea that some customers prefer in-store collection. Your pharmacy is more than just a place where patients get their medication, it's also a place of knowledge, support, and advice – something we'll continuously strive to promote.

Benefits of home delivery

We’re always saying how the addition of the delivery feature increases accessibility for your patients, but what does that actually mean? There are a number of benefits that come with allowing patients to order directly to their door, including:

  • Homebound patients are still able to receive medication from your pharmacy
  • Enabling home delivery shows that your pharmacy is flexible for everyone, driving more to nominate you as their pharmacy of choice
  • Home delivery means you can spend more valued time with each individual patient who collect their medication in store
  • It’s easy to enable and disable home delivery via the Hey Pharmacist Portal.

Won't home delivery make me lose customers?

Not at all! Patients who select home delivery are still nominating you as their selected pharmacy. Their medication will arrive at your store for you to send to their chosen address. They are still your loyal patients, you are still their trusted pharmacist.

How to enable home delivery

To access the home delivery feature, members will have to:

  • Opt into Hey Pharmacist and pay the monthly £60 fee
  • Utilise the Hey Pharmacist Portal
  • Meet a certain level of wholesale spend or be a Golden Tote user

The home delivery feature is configurable via the Hey Pharmacist Portal and provides you with a solution to manage your Hey Pharmacist patients’ preferences locally. The delivery feature will be shown to all patients that you have recruited via the in-store sign up process.

It’s thanks to you, our members, that home delivery has become a reality. We’ll always to listen to your feedback to keep building Hey Pharmacist into a service that stands out like no other online pharmacy out there, and we’ll continue keep you informed of any new updates and features to make sure that you’re making the most of having Hey Pharmacist enabled in your pharmacy.

Interested in Hey Pharmacist? Simply go to numarknet.com/3381 to opt in today!