Home delivery feature coming soon


Local Collection

We launched the first step in our Hey Pharmacist journey in January with in-store sign-up. We’ve had some great feedback on how this feature supports members to digitally “lock in their patient’s nomination” and improve the in-store collection journey and experience.

Alongside the in-store feature, we’ve launched various marketing campaigns highlighting the benefits of local collection. These campaigns have proved successful, and we’ve seen patient behaviour within the service shift further and further to local collection.

Did you know that over 7500 patients have used Hey Pharmacist to order and collect from their local pharmacy since January?

Your patients want flexibility and choice

During our consumer research focus groups, patients told us that flexibility, choice, and convenience is key to managing their medication. With Hey Pharmacist, we are fully committed to driving patients to their local pharmacy, but we have to recognise that some patients want flexibility in receiving their medication.

What was music to our ears, was that many patients believe the local collection is more effortless than home delivery as they can pick it up at a convenient time, rather than having to wait around in the house.

Home delivery from your local pharmacy

Since we’ve launched in-store sign-up, you told us that you wanted the ability to offer your patients home delivery from your pharmacy. We’ve heard your feedback and listened, so we will be launching a feature that allows you to provide home delivery to your patients from June.

To access this feature members will have to:

  • opt into Hey Pharmacist and paying the monthly £60 fee
  • be utilising the Hey Pharmacist Portal
  • meet a certain level of wholesale spend or be a Golden Tote user

The home delivery feature will be configurable via the Hey Pharmacist portal and provide you with a solution to manage your Hey Pharmacist patient’s preferences locally. The delivery feature will be shown to all patients that you have recruited via in-store sign up process.

Our service needs to meet patient expectations and grow with the ever-changing pharmacy landscape. For our service to be credible, we must be able to offer England wide delivery and provide patient choice. We know that not all members will want to provide home delivery or in some locations; we simply can’t offer a local pharmacy delivery due to member coverage. In this scenario, patients will be offered the option of postage via the Rowlands DSP.

When writing this article, the detail on the customer journey and home delivery feature was under development. More information will be available in the coming weeks.

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