Look how far we’ve come!

It seems like only yesterday that Hey Pharmacist was set in motion, and look at how much we’ve grown! With the launch of the Hey Pharmacist TV campaign: “Repeat Prescriptions. Made Simple”, Hey Pharmacist is well on the way to becoming one of the most recognisable online pharmacies in England, and now more than ever before, we can see the service in action, and the benefits that it provides for community pharmacy.

Now that we’re heading into the next phase of the Hey Pharmacist adventure, we thought it would be a good time to take a look back at everything that we’ve achieved over the past year, and remind ourselves of the reason why Hey Pharmacist is the “app of choice for community pharmacy”.

TV Campaign

It’s been an incredibly exciting time for us since the premiere of our very own TV campaign in May. Seeing ourselves on televisions across England seemed like a distant dream this time last year, and still the excitement hasn’t faded. Having our name on the big screen is our latest and biggest push to reach a wider audience, and we’ve had a lot of fun with this venture.

The benefits of having a TV ad campaign cannot be understated. There are few marketing tactics that come close to effectively growing your audience on a national level as well as television does. Now that we’re becoming a household name across England, you are likely to experience an increase in patients signing up to Hey Pharmacist, with your pharmacy in mind.

Watch the ads

As seen on TV

Hey Pharmacist Portal

With all this talk about TV, it’s easy to forget the other achievements Hey Pharmacist has gathered over the last year. The development of the Hey Pharmacist Portal is certainly something that cannot be ignored.

We’re always making sure that Hey Pharmacist is consistently improving for both pharmacies and patients. For example, following the rollout of the Portal, we have continued polishing various aspects of to improve your overall experience. Making it easier than ever to communicate the status of your patient’s orders, from requested to delivered.

Not only does the portal make it easier for you to manage your patients repeat prescriptions all in one place, it also ensures that your patients become loyal returning customers to your pharmacy, knowing they can count on you to keep them up to date with their medication. Find out more about the Hey Pharmacist Portal at numarknet.com/3441.

Home Delivery

Everyone has different needs, and the same goes for your patients. To make sure their expectations are met, we make sure that all patients have Hey Pharmacist available to them, that’s why - as well as collection - we now offer home delivery for those unable to visit their local pharmacy.

Home delivery is something that both members and patients have specifically asked for – so there’s no denying that adding this feature to Hey Pharmacist was a must. We’ve been working on the home delivery feature for a while now, and now that we’ve officially launched it to members who have signed up to Hey Pharmacist, you can fully embrace the benefits that providing a more accessible service will bring to your pharmacy.

We are proud to provide a service that is conveniently flexible, and now that Hey Pharmacist is on the map as a contender for the future of pharmacy, we can be sure that more people will recognise the flexibility that we offer and turn to us to help them manage their medication and repeat prescriptions. Find out more about the upcoming home delivery feature here at numarknet.com/3949.

Hey Pharmacist Home Delivery

Despite so much having happened in the last year, we still haven’t even scratched the surface. There is so much to come for Hey Pharmacist to look forward to. With your continued support and feedback, we will be sure to make Hey Pharmacist the gateway to the rise of community pharmacy across England.