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There is so much more to community pharmacy than repeat prescriptions. A pharmacy is where patients go for knowledge, support, and guidance, not just to pick up their medication. Now, with the home delivery feature fully functioning and available to you, it’s time to look at what else is possible with Hey Pharmacist to bring in more loyal customers to your store.

A couple months ago, we hinted at the development of an update to Hey Pharmacist that allows patients to book services – such as flu and pneumonia vaccinations – via our website, giving you the ability to easily keep track of service bookings like never before.

And now, with the pharmacy services feature in testing with members, patients are now able to book their flu vaccine in time for cold and flu season. With both repeat prescriptions and pharmacy services going digital, it’s never been easier to keep up to date with your patients’ needs.

How does pharmacy services work?

The new services feature has been made possible thanks to our partnership with Has Health. If you use Hey Pharmacist Portal, you’ll be able to access the Has Health website using a secure single sign. You can then select the service you'd like to offer at your pharmacy.

Patients will be able to book services with just a few taps via the Hey Pharmacist website with a new widget that directs them to our partner website. Their request will be viewable to you, so you can keep up with bookings without worrying about losing track!

Never forget your prescriptions

What is Has Health?

With the pandemic having had a lasting impact on how patients want to communicate with their pharmacy and GP, Has Health wanted to continue to connect with them safely and securely in a way that’s easier than using the phone.
Thanks to Has Health, pharmacies and clinics have been able to continue to run safely whilst still communicating with and looking after their patients, including high quality audio and video calls for video consultations. As a GDPR compliant and HSE approved product, Has Health not only increases efficiency, but also safety and accessibility.

How does this benefit my pharmacy?

Our mission is to bring more patients to your pharmacy whilst maintaining efficiency and a healthy workflow. Thanks to the Member Portal, you will have experienced the benefits of being able to manage your patients’ repeat prescriptions without them having to call your pharmacy. Now, with Has Health accessible via the Portal, you’ll be freeing up more time than ever before to focus on the patients visiting your pharmacy, and giving them the 5 star service they deserve.

With more features comes more choices which means more customers. A lot of people out there aren’t aware of the services that pharmacies offer, so making it clear that a range of services are available to them will likely increase the amount of patients nominating your pharmacy. Not only this, but with everything going digital, less people are choosing speaking on the phone and would prefer to make appointments online in their own time. We make this possible.

What's next for services?

The development of pharmacy services on Hey Pharmacist is still in its early days. Currently, the service is available to patients to book their flu vaccination via the Hey Pharmacist website. As we continue to develop, the plan is to integrate pharmacy services into the app and including more services for you to offer.

If you are interested in including a services feature for your patients, speak to your Numark account manager.



What else is new?

Pharmacy services isn’t the only update we have this month. We’ve also been talking about our recent update that allows parents and guardians registered with Hey Pharmacist to order and manage repeat prescriptions for those under 16 years of age.

To add a linked profile that is under 16, users must obtain the minor's access codes from their GP. Collection is the only solution for under 16 due to regulations put in place to ensure a healthcare professional can assess the minor or the parent/carer is capable of administrating medication.

This is great news for your patients, making it easier than ever for them to manage their children’s medication instead of adding it to the list of things to worry about. Your patients will be relieved to know that your pharmacy has their back.

Woman on tablet with children