Hey Pharmacist... 2022 Wrapped

We thought 2021 was a transformational year for Hey Pharmacist, but we had no idea what 2022 would bring…

This time last year, Hey Pharmacist was a small project known by a handful of people as ‘the new Co-op Health’. Now, we’re an England-wide service with over 50k active users across the country, ordering over 500k items through Hey Pharmacist since February.

In this article, we’re going to take the time to reflect on how Hey Pharmacist has grown in 2022, and how we’ll continue to push for an easier, more digital future for community pharmacy.

Hey Pharmacist Roadmap

Store Activation and POS

We kicked off 2022 with the release of our personalised POS which allowed you to both advertise this new service and on-board patient’s simultaneously. From posters and leaflets to bunting and stickers, this marked the beginning of what would be an exciting journey for you and your patients.

You can continue to order POS here

Hey Pharmacist Portal

With patients registering for Hey Pharmacist, their experience will be easier than ever before, which is great! But now it’s time to focus on you. To make your life easier, we introduced you to the Hey Pharmacist Portal, a web based tool that allows pharmacists to communicate the progress of a medication’s progress with their patients, as well as allowing you to stay up to date with analytics so you can keep track of your progress.

Discover Portal here


This year we saw a revamp of the Hey Pharmacist website, which patients can use as well as the app. The website also has a growing range of articles to help visitors with heath advice and learn more about what we offer, as well as the recent ability to book a service.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the website continues to evolve!

Visit our website here

We’re on the tele!

One of the most exciting projects of the last year was the release of our three TV ad campaigns!

The three ads - which took over a year to plan and develop - showcase various scenarios of how Hey Pharmacist can help anyone in any situation manage their repeat prescriptions

The TV debut involved giving our members early access to watch the ads before the public release, as well as a premier at head office, which included a pink carpet, and the opportunity to watch all three ads along with some behind the scenes footage.

With over 45k daily impressions, the ads are a perfect way to quickly and effectively spread the word!

Watch the adverts here

Home delivery

After Hey Pharmacist became a nationwide name, it was time to start focusing on the service itself, and making sure that it stood out from the rest. After listening to both our members and their patients, we found out that many of you requested home delivery to be added to Hey Pharmacist, and so we delivered! Your pharmacy can now offer free delivery to your patients for free!

Even with delivery available, 60% of users continue to collect their orders from their pharmacy, so you don’t have to worry about losing the face to face interaction that is essential in community pharmacy.

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Ordering for under 16s

One of the perks of using Hey Pharmacist is that patients are able to manage up to five profiles with one account. To improve this service even further, we announced that users can now link patients under 16, meaning it’s never been easier to manage your children’s prescription.

Services. Made Simple.

Our most recent endeavour was the release of the services bookings feature. The release allowed patients to book their flu vaccination through the website, which you can then view and keep up to date with via the Portal. This marks an exciting time for Hey Pharmacist, as we begin to cover more than just repeat prescriptions, with plans to incorporate more services into the app.

Find out more about services

What’s in store for 2023?

After the exciting adventure that was 2022, it’s difficult to think anything could top such an eventful year! Well, as we always say, Hey Pharmacist will continue to evolve more and more. We have some very exciting plans in store for the next few months that we’re very excited to share with you.

So be sure to opt in to Hey Pharmacist today so that you don’t fall behind as we enter the digital future!

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