Using OTC to help your business

OTC Retail Excellence can help you in a number of ways including increasing your knowledge of key merchandising techniques and their benefits, helping you to allocate the right amount of space to each category, subcategory and brand as well as keeping on top of pharmacy maintenance to ensure a smooth running retail business. 

Your OTC Support Resources

Core Range

The average pharmacy usually displays over 5,000 retail products, but 80% of retail sales are generated from just 1,000 products. Core Range helps you rationalise your product range and stock the products that offer the best return for your pharmacy.

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Space Allocation

Give your products the space they deserve. Shelf displays are a priority when encouraging customers to make a purchase in your pharmacy.

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Planograms are visual diagrams showing how to display products. They use well known merchandising techniques to help maximise sales.

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Basic Houskeeping

Your retail business may only be 7-15% of your turnover but it is 100% of your image. Your customers walk into your “shop”, not your dispensary so it is vital that this part of the business is a reflection of how you run your entire service.

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Customer Service Excellence

Counter assistants are the front line of the pharmacy, greeting customers, signposting them and helping them with their queries. Your customers are your success; keep them coming back with your quality customer service.  Your product offering gets customers through the door, but it is your interaction that wows them and keeps them coming back to you.

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Effective Category Management

Category management is having the right products with appropriate share of space and priced in such a way to maximise sales potential. Effective category management is designed to enhance the customer’s experience whilst shopping in your pharmacy.

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Numark Own Brand

Numark is your brand.  It is exclusive to Numark members.  Own brand has become a brand in its own right with consumers becoming more savvy to its great quality and low price.

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Pharmacy Layout

Getting the look and feel of your pharmacy right can be a difficult task. Reflecting the values of your overall business, it should be clean, tidy and welcoming. Effective signposting is essential to ensuring your customers can find significant areas of the pharmacy such as the prescriptions counter, consultation room, promotional bays and product categories.

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Point of Sale Advice

Point of sale (POS) is used across all customer facing environments from supermarkets through to doctors surgeries. It is important that you use the appropriate sales material for the environment you work in. 

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Promotions help to drive footfall and engagement within your pharmacy retail space.  We can provide guidance and resources to help you set up a regular promotion plan.

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