PharmAssist is the electronic buying solution that offers you control, compliance and drives profitability for your purchasing - saving you time while increasing your profits.

As a Numark member, we will pay the £75 a month service fee if you are a compliant user.

From Feb 1st, PharmAssist will no longer be charging Numark members for PharmAssist membership.  
Instead, they will charge Phoenix directly who will cover the fee in place of any customer rebate. 
This streamlines the process for you, meaning no more payments coming from your account, or a need to reconcile with rebates.

For more information speak to your Numark Account Manager

How it works

PharmAssist utilises the powerful Pharmacy Buyer software programme and integrates seamlessly with your PMR system.

PharmAssist will ensure your PMR system is set up to offer:

  1. Ordering cascade tailored to your selection - you choose the suppliers and the system will produce an ordering cascade (whether price based or compliance).
  2. Cheapest supplier for each product - once you place your order, PharmAssist will select the most cost effective supplier for each product and cascade the order where required.
  3. Optimum pack size for your order - PharmAssist will supply a restriction file that will pick the optimum pack size for your order.

Key features & benefits

Pack optimisation savings - automatically selects the most cost effective pack size to save you up to £600 per month.

Pack optimisation is an exclusive feature of EMIS PMR systems such as Numark Assist Connect PMR

Extensive database of supplier pricing - all the latest prices and price changes for Gold Partners are uploaded on your behalf to maximise the accuracy of the pricing in your cascade.

This fully managed service takes away the need for you to allocate vast resources into sourcing the best prices as we ensure your cascade takes account of all the pricing you want it to.

PharmAssist can order through every supplier that is broadband/PMR enabled. Automatic pricelists are uploaded from Nupharm (PHOENIX), Bestway, Colorama, Target Healthcare, Trident Pharmaceuticals and OTC Direct/Cavendish.

Should you wish to utilise another supplier’s prices you can do so free of charge; simply submit these in an Excel pricelist and PharmAssist will load it into their comparison system to ensure your buying rules take these prices into account when finding you the best deal.

Product & Manufacturer preferences - you can override the cascade with your own supplier or manufacturer selection on a per product basis. This is very useful when you have a specific agreement with certain suppliers or manufacturers or when managing any minimum spend thresholds you need to meet.

Find out more about Manufacturer Preferences

Find out more about Product Preferences

The Drug Tariff Review feature advises you of any generic products that are above the current Drug Tariff price via the PharmAssist website.
You can choose to:
 - ‘Warn’ - will display a warning within PharmAssist.
 - ‘Block’ - will remove the product from your cascade so you won’t be able to order it through PharmAssist.Settings can be applied for the entire list or you can manually change the settings for individual products.
If email notifications are enabled, you will receive an email when:
 - a line is marked as ‘warn’ and the stock will be supplied from an over Drug Tariff supplier.
 - a line is marked as ‘block’ and stock wasn’t available from any supplier under Drug Tariff price.

Once authorised by you PharmAssist will also automate an email for all PharmAssist customers to the PSNC/CPS so that we can have maximum impact on concession pricing. The Drug Tariff Review feature can be located on the PharmAssist Customer Portal.

You will find more details in the ‘Help’ section of the Drug Tariff Review.

Automate your Drug Tariff Review

Blocked Line Management

Concession Toggle

Supplier Timeline - allows you to dictate the specific times throughout the day where you want a particular supplier to be ‘turned off’, therefore ensuring your system will not process any orders to that supplier during that time.

Where a supplier has an earlier cut off time than others you can temporarily remove that supplier from your cascade after the specified time, therefore ensuring a timely supply of medicines for your patients.

Find out more about the Supplier Timeline

Virtual Warehouse – allows you to manage any excess, short dated or bulk stock across your branches.

The Virtual Warehouse gives you full visibility of all excess stock registered on your system and enables you to better manage stock to reduce the risk of having to write off products.

Plus . . .

  • Increase Numark rebates - by helping you dispense the brand when they are cheaper than the generic as part of the brand support scheme.
  • Reduce the risk of paying over the odds for lower volume lines - the software will track down a PI, if available, from your chosen wholesalers and make sure that you are not being charged more for it than the UK product.
  • Wide range of products - manages generic, parallel import and surgical products.
  • % discount from full line suppliers - takes into consideration % discount from full line suppliers.
  • Save an hour per day - automated buying process saves on average 1 hour per day which could allow you to do three MURs or NMSs, that’s an extra £84 per day.

For more information speak to your Numark Account Manager


Where you save

£3,099^ potential monthly saving!

Below table offers an example saving based on average prescription volumes.

Feature Savings^
Generics purchasing £1,925
Pack size optimisation £636
Sources PI £80
Brand Support £133
Surgical £100
Saves time (approx. 1 hour per day) £150
Numark pay for members with NumarkAssist,
ProScript, Positive Solutions, Cegedim Pharmacy Manager**

What does it cost?

As a compliant Numark member, we will pay the £75 a month!

Challenge the team at PharmAssist to boost your bottom line. Contact them below and they will be happy to discuss any queries you may have and explain how different elements of their offering can benefit your pharmacy.

Telephone: 0113 447 0210

Or you can register your interest below.

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    **Need to complete the Numark member/PharmAssist sign up form

    ^Based on average prescription volumes.