What is Hey Pharmacist?

What is Hey Pharmacist?

Hey Pharmacist is an online NHS repeat prescription ordering service that gives patients the convenience of ordering their medication from your pharmacy with as little as two taps. Their request is automatically sent directly to their GP for approval.

The convenience and flexibility of Hey Pharmacist benefits both patients and the pharmacy they’re ordering from. Saving them both valuable time and making it easier than ever for both to keep track of repeat prescriptions

Our ambition is to transform this platform into a must-have digital asset for Numark members. The intention is to create a product that will empower people with choice and help them receive health advice from their local Numark pharmacy on their terms, when they need it, as well as a highly convenient prescription service.

Pharmaceutical care is not simply picking up a prescription or having it delivered at home. People need support and advice when taking medication, particularly if they have multiple medical conditions.

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