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PharmAssist’s fully managed Gold Partner service takes away the need for you to allocate resources into sourcing the best prices as they upload and manage any daily and monthly price changes from Gold Partners on your behalf, saving you time and maximising the accuracy of the pricing in the cascade.

Whilst we understand that it can be daunting to make changes to long-standing processes and put your trust in digital technology, it is now more than ever an increasingly necessary change.

With the ongoing pandemic and the landscape of pharmacy throwing up challenge after challenge, you need to focus your effort and resources where they count in providing invaluable care for your patients and driving your service offering.

Supplier pricing can change on a daily basis making price checks an incredibly time consuming process and one where obtaining the most up to date pricing across an entire basket is almost impossible.

PharmAssist are continually improving and adding to their offering so you can reap the rewards. At the core of their proposition is the ability to offer their customers a choice of strong Gold Partners to drive further savings and maximise availability.

DON’T FORGET - there are no restrictions with pricing on the PharmAssist system. You can load any broadband/PMR enabled price lists at no additional cost to ensure the platform gives you the flexibility you need to achieve the exact set-up that works for your pharmacy.

New Gold Partner

PharmAssist are delighted to announce Trident Pharmaceuticals as their newest Gold partner, available to use in your PharmAssist cascade now.

New Gold Partner

PharmAssist are also delighted to announce their new partnership with Target Healthcare, initially for members based in Scotland only. Target is available to use in your PharmAssist cascade now.

Getting started

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Just let PharmAssist know if you want to add any gold partner to your cascade and they will help you set up an account with that partner if required.

Tel - 0113 447 0210


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