Create visual impact and increase sales with our range of planograms

Numark are here to help you develop a profitable independent pharmacy and that starts with your retail area.

Your retail space is the showcase of your entire service and as such has a huge impact on customer’s perceptions.

As with any facet of your pharmacy offering we are on hand to support you every step of the way with comprehensive resources accessible as part of your membership.

Planograms are a ‘must have’ tool for all retailers and allow you to control which lines are stocked and ensures that your fixtures are attractively merchandised.

Techniques used to create a planogram include beacon branding, brand blocking and product adjacencies^ which, when combined, create a visually appealing and impactful display that is designed to optimise sales.

Key benefits of using planograms

  • Increase sales - composed using insights into shopper buying habits.
  • Maximises shelf space - carefully considered product placement.
  • Simplifies the process - makes positioning products on your fixtures easier.
  • Reduce out of stocks - as shelves remain consistent.
  • Reduces required resource - less time needed to re-stock shelves.
  • Enhance customer shopping experience - through great product display.
  • Ensures appropriate fixture space - for different categories and brands.
  • Layout consistency - across multiple pharmacies within a group.


To help make merchandising as simple as possible, we provide a range planograms from the core pharmacy categories using tried and tested techniques and incorporating the top selling products within the pharmacy portfolio.

Each planogram shows a visual representation of the fixture on the first page so you can see the impact of the display, followed by a line list with details of each product included on the planogram and PIP codes for ordering.

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^For more information about the principles of merchandising, take a look at