Offer Clarification for Coty, Enhanced Discounts

There has been some confusion over the discount available through Coty via our Enhanced Discounts scheme. 

On 23rd September 2020, all members using the Coty offering via Enhanced Discounts should have received a notification regarding their pricing for the Rimmel, Rimmel Sunshimmer and Sally Hansen brands.  We would like to clarify our Coty offering below.

Through our Enhanced Discounts scheme, Coty offer access to a varied range of well-known brands including Rimmel, Max Factor & Sally Hansen alongside Mass Fragrance lines such as David Beckham and Vera Wang.

As part of the Enhanced Discounts scheme, members have access to Coty’s volume pricing deals where members can receive up to 42% discount^ on a selection of beauty and mass fragrance brands.  Your Coty representative will be able to talk you through the process for receiving this discount.

Coty also supply two of the biggest name high street makeup brands, Max Factor & Rimmel.  With supply of these brands, members have access to:

  • Regular visits from our experienced Coty Business Development Team who will place orders and offer tailored business advice and insight.
  • Bi-monthly cosmetic promotional hotspots that tie into our brand media campaigns.
  • A wide range of professional displays^^ and POS.
  • A standard 32% brand margin on Rimmel and 36% for Max Factor.

For further information around the Coty offering across all brands, speak to your dedicated Coty representative.

^based on current volume discount pricing model supplied by Coty 14th April 2021

^^subject to Coty approval and sign off – Coty own the rights to all equipment at all times.