Creating your bespoke ordering system with PharmAssist

With more and more demands on your time and ongoing funding cutbacks, it has never been more important to utilise your Numark membership and everything it has to offer.

We are always looking to help you create efficiencies within your processes and drive value wherever possible. To achieve this we know it’s crucial that you have the flexibility to create a bespoke ordering system that works for your pharmacy.

That’s why we’ve covered the price of PharmAssist, so you can utilise functionality such as the Drug Tariff Review, Gold Partner Pricing, Virtual Warehouse and Supplier Timeline, all of which give you that flexibility and allow you to be in complete control of where your orders go at any given time.

PharmAssist is included as part of your membership*

Reduce the impact of over tariff lines on your margins

Drug Tariff Review

Puts you in complete control of how you order above tariff lines by advising you of any generic products that are above the current Drug Tariff price.

The latest development means you can now automate your Drug Tariff Review so it processes over tariff lines based upon % above tariff, adding time back into your day as you aren’t required to make decisions on each and every over tariff line.

Maximise same or next day deliveries

Supplier Timeline

Allows you to dictate the specific times throughout the day where you want a particular supplier to be ‘turned off’, therefore ensuring your system will not process any orders to that supplier during that time.

Where a supplier has an earlier cut off time than others you can temporarily remove that supplier from your cascade after the specified time, therefore ensuring a timely supply of medicines for your patients.

Reduce money tied up in stock and prevent write offs

Virtual Warehouse

Allows you to manage any excess, short dated or bulk stock across your branches. The Virtual Warehouse gives you full visibility of all excess stock registered on your system and enables you to better manage stock to reduce the risk of having to write off products.

Add all your own price lists too

Gold Partner Pricing

All the latest prices and price changes for Gold Partners are uploaded on your behalf to maximise the accuracy of the pricing in your cascade.

This fully managed service takes away the need for you to allocate vast resources into sourcing the best prices as we ensure your cascade takes account of all the pricing you want it to.

These are just a few of the many ways PharmAssist can make your pharmacy more profitable.

Challenge the team at PharmAssist to boost your bottom line. Contact them below and they will be happy to discuss any queries you may have and explain how different elements of their offering can benefit your pharmacy.


Telephone: 0113 447 0210

Alternatively, find out more about the benefits of PharmAssist and register your interest via


*Standard PharmAssist cost is £75 per month. As part of your Numark membership we will rebate you £75 per month. A one off set up fee of £150 applies.