Review of Numark Standard Operating Procedures - May 2021

Numark has over 100 downloadable SOPs available for members to download.

Each SOP defines the processes and procedures within the pharmacy. Numark SOPs are word documents allowing members to amend the content to ensure it accurately reflects the practice within their pharmacy.

Each SOP includes a document information section as shown below. This section provides an audit trail for each SOP.

Document title:

SOP Title completed by Numark

Document reference:

Document reference left blank but could be completed by pharmacy

Prepared by:

Name of Numark member of staff who prepared/reviewed SOP

Authorised by:

Name of Pharmacy member of staff who authorised SOP


Of above authoriser

Date of preparation:

Date SOP written

Effective from:

Date SOP becomes active within the pharmacy


Numark version control

Date of next review:

Date for Numark review of SOP



Effective Date



Numark version

Date review effective from

Name of person who wrote/amended SOP

Reason for review or amendment


During 2021 Numark Information Services will be reviewing each of the SOPs to ensure they comply with current legislation and professional guidance.

To support members with identifying the SOPs that have been reviewed the SOP version number will be incorporated into the SOP title and will be clearly visible from the SOP download list. This will allow Numark members to compare the SOP currently in use within their pharmacy and the version available for download from NumarkNet.

Members can ensure that their audit trail is consistent with the Numark version control by adopting a decimal version e.g. for Numark version 1.0, the member version would become 1.1 with the name of the pharmacy team member adapting the SOP recorded against this version.

The following SOPs have been reviewed and replaced with updated versions in May 2021

  • BP measuring service
  • Owings procedure
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle
  • Sale of pseudoephedrine/ ephedrine cold and flu remedies
  • Support for self-care

Access and download SOPs

If you have any questions or concerns regarding SOPs contact Information Services on 0800 783 5709 option 2.