New SSP endorsement

From 1st June the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has approved the use of a new endorsement to claim for supplies made against a Serious Shortage Protocol (SSP). The new endorsement uses the code ’SSP’ followed by the three-digit reference number applicable to the SSP.

A transition period from 1st June 2021 to 5th October 2021 will allow for both the existing ‘NCSO’ endorsement and the new ‘SSP’ endorsement to be used whilst system suppliers roll out the new functionality.

From June, contractors are encouraged to start using the ‘SSP’ endorsement functionality, if available, but the NHS BSA will accept the ‘NCSO’ endorsement option until the beginning of October 2021 to include September SSP claims submitted by 5th October 2021.

After the transition period only the new ‘SSP’ endorsement will be accepted by the NHS BSA on paper FP10s and electronically submitted prescriptions. Any SSP claims made using printed EPS tokens after October 2021 will no longer be accepted for payment.

To reflect this the Serious Shortage Protocol SOP has been updated with these changes to the endorsement process:

Download Serious Shortage Protocol SOP v4.0 

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