Supplies of Clenil inhalers

Due to an increase in demand, Chiesi Ltd, the manufacturer of Clenil inhalers, has obtained authorisation from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to allow additional batches of all strengths of Clenil inhalers that have a batch-specific variation into the UK supply chain from July 2021.

The numbers of the batches authorised by the MHRA are as follows:

Clenil 50mcg – 1600001 to 1600006
Clenil 100mcg – 1900101 to 1900121
Clenil 200mcg – 1700001 to 1700006
Clenil 250mcg – 1800001 to 1800002

Key information related to the batch variation

  • The inhalers contain exactly the same medication (beclometasone) and are presented in the same pressurised metered dose inhaler
  • The only difference in the additional batches is the lack of dose indicator
  • The differences have no effect on the safety profile of the drug or device.

Advice for Pharmacy teams

  • Recommend that patients keep a record of when they start to use their inhaler as there is no dose indicator to help keep track of remaining doses. Each Clenil inhaler (irrespective of batch or strength) contains 200 metered doses so if a patient is using two puffs twice a day, the inhaler will last for about a month.
  • Clarify to patients and caregivers that, as with all strengths of Clenil, the inhaler can be used with a Volumatic Spacer Device.
  • Remind patients to clean their inhaler once a week as usual, referring to the package leaflet for cleaning instructions.

Chiesi have produced a leaflet that can be downloaded and shared with patients

Click here to download the leaflet

Please contact the Numark Information Services team if you require any further guidance or support on 0800-7835709 option 2