Hey Pharmacist

Raising an army for Hey...

It’s no secret that DSP came into it’s own during the pandemic, slowly but surely however, the migration from DSP is beginning to happen as patients move back into bricks and mortar, recognising the value inherent in face to face care.

This in itself proves that whilst convenience plays a role, it’s a purely transactional relationship and fundamentally for many patients, doesn’t go far enough in supporting their healthcare needs.

Patients want and need access to healthcare on their own terms and it’s not entirely consistent over time. 

That’s why ensuring there’s a blend of online and face to face interaction is critical in attracting and retaining patients in the future. 

Our recent acquisition of the Co-op Health app, rebranded to Hey Pharmacist, cements our commitment of providing members with a way to secure patient nomination.  Hey Pharmacist will provide a conduit for patients to access medicines and healthcare advice supported by first class prescription collection and delivery services.

Critical to the success of Hey Pharmacist will be the partnership between Numark and our members.  We are investing heavily in a national marketing campaign designed to drive patients to the app and select their local Numark pharmacy but we need your support.  We want to raise an army of Numark members to ensure Hey is positioned as market leader, pulling patients away from existing DSPs and competitor pharmacies.

If you support us in getting behind this, the potential is huge, 84% of the UK population are within three miles of a Numark member pharmacy.  This opens up massive opportunity to increase nomination potential and benefit from the additional products and services you have to offer once that nomination is secured.

This is a very exciting time for members.  

We are in the process of developing an onboarding pack, a range of resources that will support you in driving brand awareness of Hey Pharmacist, getting people registering on the app and supporting the national campaign.  You’ll still retain your identity within your community, these assets will simply help patients immediately recognise you as a Hey pharmacy.  The utopia?  With an army of Hey pharmacies, we are able to transition the existing Co-op patients currently serviced by the DSP to you; the opportunities are endless.

Watch this space for more information and remember check in on NumarkNet for updates.