Delivering Services - Pneumonia & Flu

Setting up both pneumonia and flu services within your pharmacy is an excellent way to protect your customers from the effects of each disease and to increase the value of your community pharmacy.

Pneumonia affects around 1 in 100 adults in the UK each year, and is one of the leading causes of hospital admissions for respiratory problems. It usually occurs as a result of an infection, causing the alveoli in the lungs to fill with fluid and making it more difficult for them to function, and it is most likely to impact children aged 0-5 years and adults aged 70 and above¹.

NumarkNet also has a range of support features to facilitate the delivery of a Flu Service within your community pharmacy. Working in partnership with Pharmadoctor, we provide access to resources such as a PGD and a free eTool service, as well as a range of materials on our dedicated flu hub page.

You can access all of our flu and pneumonia resources below:

Flu Vaccination Service

Pneumococcal Vaccination Service