Save time by personalising your ProScript Connect

Personalising ProScript Connect to your pharmacy, can save you a significant amount of time on a daily basis via a number of configurable application settings you can access and manage yourself.

One of the ways in which ProScript Connect can save you time, is by letting the system sort scripts alphabetically before printing the tokens.

Simply set the ‘Auto Print Dispensing Token Alphabetically’ application setting to ‘Yes’ and ProScript Connect will automatically print all downloaded prescriptions in alphabetical order. If a patient has two or more prescriptions, it’ll locate and print them together.

How to update your settings

When you batch print EPS prescriptions from ETP, you can enable the ‘Auto Print Dispensing Token Alphabetically’ application setting, this can be found in the ETP Category within ‘Edit Application Settings’.

Top tip

When searching for specific settings an explanation of default settings will be shown, providing you with helpful tips on what might work best for you. Settings can be applied to all terminals or on an individual basis depending on your needs.

Please note that if you’re a group customer, your application settings may be managed by your head office.

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