Golden Tote

Golden Tote – celebrating our 100th sign up

Golden Tote – celebrating our 100th sign up

On the 16th August last year, our state of the art Golden Tote vans hit the road.

We’ve visited over 200 members since, all of which experienced first-hand, the benefits of Golden Tote.

We’re delighted to announce that this month we’ve signed up our 100th member.

The vans will continue their journey across the UK with visits extending well into 2022. If you would like to hop on board, then give us a call on 0800 783 5709.

Golden Tote – ‘driving’ efficiencies in to the dispensing process.

“Golden Tote has meant that I can cope with workload even in the absence of some staff members”

  • Diana Cheung, Orrell Park Pharmacy

“Without Golden Tote significantly speeding up our dispensing process, we would not have had the time to set up and successfully run a COVID-19 vaccination service.”

  • Shital Popat, Pearl Chemist

“Thanks to Golden Tote our stockholding has dropped massively, freeing up lots more space within our shop, it really has dramatically improved the way we work”

  • Raj Radia – Spring Pharmacy

“Golden Tote gives us the opportunity to carry out our day to day jobs more effectively, whilst at the same time improving the levels of accuracy within the dispensary.”

  • Parvesh Patel, Manson’s Chemist

“Golden Tote significantly reduces the time and resource tied up in the dispensing process, therefore reducing the overall dispensing cost and improving profitability.”

  • Navid Ghasemi, Newport Pharmacy

“With Golden Tote, you scan all the items directly from the tote box and bag them there and then, freeing up time to make blister trays. The dispensary looks more organised and generally less crowded.”

  • Robert Musimbago, Elliott Street Pharmacy