Grant funding for vaccination fridge data logger

Community Pharmacies have played a great role in the rollout of the COVID vaccination programme.  One of the requirements to delivering the vaccination service is ensuring vaccines are stored at the correct temperature, maintaining stability of the product.

However there have been a number of fridge failures which have resulted in the loss of vaccine stock.  Contributing to this loss is the absence of accurate fridge temperature logs to establish how long vaccines may have been outside of the recommended temperature range.  Having a data logger can help log and monitor fridge temperatures with an alarm or notification to alert pharmacy staff to temperature deviations.  This information can then be used to determine if a vaccine is safe for use or requires disposal.

The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) in Northern Ireland have decided to provide funding to allow community pharmacy contractors to install data loggers for up to 2 vaccine fridges.

All future vaccination services commissioned by the HSCB will include a mandatory requirement for the use of data loggers to monitor the temperature in vaccine fridges.  This grant will also be available to those who do not currently offer the COVID-19 vaccination service but would consider future vaccination services, please note the funding for a data logger will not be available after the application deadline.

Pharmacies will be remunerated £100 for each data logger up to a maximum of 2 data loggers for each community pharmacy contractor upon submission of Appendix A – Grant Application Form to the local HSCB office and subsequent approval.  The deadline for applications is Friday 28th January 2022.

Grant Application Form

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Denward data logger