Increase revenue and encourage loyalty by delivering services

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that pharmacy really has become the focal point of community healthcare.

As we are still living in the wake of the pandemic, patients are understanding that when their GP surgeries remained closed, or they have struggled to get an appointment; community pharmacy was always there with their doors open, offering valuable advice and treatment.

Implementing digital solutions available through your membership such as Golden Tote and Hey Pharmacist, you can find efficiencies that will allow you to provide valuable services to your community which will add a personal touch and encourage loyalty to your pharmacy.

Not only will offering services drive reliability into your pharmacy, expanding into additional services is also a key move you can make to ensure the financial viability of your pharmacy long term. This should involve exploring all options in terms of local commissioning, maximising income from advanced and national service as well as adding in a range of private services such as travel and vaccinations.  Offering a wide range of current and relevant services will create an additional revenue stream for your pharmacy and will also give you the opportunity to increase sales of OTC products related to the service.

Delivering a Weight Management Service

Offering a Weight Management Service enables your pharmacy to support customers with obesity wanting to lose weight and where diet and exercise changes alone have not been successful.

We have a developed a number of resources to support you in setting up and delivering a successful Weight Management Service.

Weight Management Service

Delivering a Smoking Cessation Service

You can raise awareness of the Smoking Cessation services you offer and related OTC products available by tying in with National No Smoking Day on 9th March by running a health promotion campaign.

We have a range of resources available on NumarkNet in order to facilitate the setting up of a successful Smoking Cessation Service within your pharmacy, including downloadable resources and training.

Smoking Cessation Service