Pharmacy like never before

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that pharmacy in the future will never be the same. 

The dynamic has evolved changing both attitudes and working practices. In the future pharmacy will continue to move away from traditional dispensing and into new and innovative solutions, with a renewed focus on patient centred care.

Indeed, pharmacists will play an instrumental role as part of a broader collaboration of community placed healthcare teams. Restrictions on face-to-face consultations with GP practices, witnessed the public discover a newfound respect for the value of pharmacy teams, as they actively seek out support for themselves and those closest to them.

Consultations within the pharmacy setting in the future should aim to identify, prevent and resolve both acute and chronic conditions, promote health education and champion patient focused services that ultimately improve health and wellbeing in local communities. In order for pharmacy teams to generate capacity to adapt to this future role, workflow evaluation will be necessary and ongoing and sustained development of skill sets needed to meet increased patient demand.

Enhanced patient care will be more important than ever as we move into a new era of healthcare in the heart of local communities.

This concept of advanced pharmaceutical care isn’t new, however in real terms, a post-pandemic society will seek to tap into such services. Accelerated and deepened patient/pharmacy relationships will be critical to the future of care and will ultimately deliver clinically rewarding outcomes.

As the healthcare system as a whole reflects on the past two years; one thing is certain, the role of pharmacy has forever changed.

And our role? Is also forever changed, as we prepare to support our membership to deliver in a challenging environment. We too have had to expedite developments in our propositions, products and services in order to ensure you, our members, are supported in the right way, with the right tools. 

We continue to drive investment on your behalf into innovative dispensing solutions such as Golden Tote, business-transforming consultations with and our state of the art repeat prescription app, Hey Pharmacist.

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