End of some Pandemic related services on 31st March 2022

The Pharmacy Collect LFD distribution service will cease to operate after 31st March 2022 when free COVID-19 mass testing will end. After this date community pharmacies will no longer be remunerated for distributing NHS lateral flow device test kits. Remaining LFDs cannot be returned so community pharmacy teams are encouraged to distribute all their remaining stock before the end of the service, this could be by proactively reaching out to certain members of their local community such as carers and NHS staff who may need them.

The PSNC has some useful resources for managing the end of this service, including a checklist and poster, which can be accessed here.

Contractors have up to 30th April 2022 to submit any claims for payment via the Manage Your Service (MYS) platform for kits distributed up to 31st March 2022.

The Pandemic Delivery Service (Advanced Service) ceased on 5th March 2022 and community pharmacy teams are reminded that all claims for deliveries made before the services finished must be submitted no later than 5th April 2022 via the MYS platform. The payment for the essential service element of the Pandemic Delivery Service will continue until 31st March 2022.