SSP for Salazapyrin® EN-Tabs 500mg reactivated

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has provided an update on the Serious Shortage Protocol (SSP) for Salazapyrin® EN-Tabs 500mg (SSP014).

SSP014 for Salazapyrin® EN-Tab has been reactivated in response to a significant ongoing supply disruption. It is effective from February 28th 2022 and is expected to expire on April 22nd 2022.

It allows pharmacies to supply generic Sulfasalazine gastro resistant 500mg tablets as a replacement for Salazapyrin® EN-Tabs 500mg, if unobtainable.

This expiry date may be brought forward or extended, and the content may be amended throughout this period. Pharmacists should ensure they are using the current version of an SSP before supplying an alternative product.

Further Details