Company led medicines recall: Consilient Health UK Ltd, Invita D3 800 IU Soft Capsules, CLMR (22)A/03

Consilient Health UK Ltd is recalling a specific batch due to limited units from the batch being distributed prior to batch release.

MDR Number: MDR 127-05/22

Company name: Consilient Health UK Ltd

Product description: Invita D3 800 IU Soft Capsules

Details of the affected batch:

Batch Number

Expiry Date

Pack Size

First Distributed





Brief description of problem:

Limited number of units from the batch were distributed prior to batch release. There are no indications of any quality of safety concerns and this recall is precautionary due to the regulatory non-compliance.

This recall is being issued as a company-led medicines recall, as this product is only supplied to several pharmacies and the company has traceability of the onward distribution by their customers.

Advice to Healthcare Professionals:

Remaining stock of the above batch should be quarantined and returned to the company directly.

Company contacts for further information:

For medical information enquiries, please contact:

Consilient Health Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information Email:

For stock information enquiries:

Consilient Health Customer Services Department