Hey Pharmacist

The excitement is building…

Not long now until the launch of the Hey Pharmacist TV ads, but first, we hear from Numark Managing Director Jeremy Meader:

“It's been a really interesting last 12 months for us. It seems to have gone incredibly quickly.  We've really had a lot to do and I'm delighted with the progress that that we've made.

“The television adverts are absolutely critical because they are our real point of difference. There are other digital solutions already in the marketplace, but none of them really advertise and I think this is a huge benefit for us.

“We are making a major investment to ensure that our Numark members become more visible. And critically, what we will do is attract patients into our member’s pharmacies and no other brand in the market is really doing that.  So for us it's a real commitment.

“The ads are memorable and witty and the presence of our local community pharmacy comes across really strongly.

“As the big day approaches, we’ll share with you more information, alongside an exciting character reveal and on Friday 20th May, you’ll get an exclusive preview – don’t miss it!”

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